ISPRS Camera Calibration and Performance Database

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This project is funded by the ISPRS Educational and Capacity Building Initiative in 2018 to establish an online database of camera calibration and performance information that will provide a unique and comprehensive source of information for anyone using cameras or camera systems for measurement or mapping.  The intent of the database is to cater to any type of camera used for measurement and mapping, however the potential range of cameras is very broad, so the emphasis is cameras used for close-range (terrestrial), unmanned drone mounted and manned aircraft mounted cameras. The online database contains information on the specifications of camera and lens combinations; the results of camera calibrations in terms of quantification of calibration parameters; levels of precision and accuracy resulting from the calibration or project; and a link to further information on the calibration or project such as reports and papers.  The database will be a public resource that will enable practitioners to both contribute and extract information on cameras.  The database will allow anyone to evaluate the suitability of cameras for a project or compare the performance of cameras against their own experience.

For more information see the final report  to ISPRS on the project.